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Raising the Bar

July 30, 2009

Almost everyone has a video or web camera these days, yet few know how to produce quality content. Localbias Productions is available to help you meet your video needs.

Our trained professionals understand how to maintain strong production values while working with a limited budget.  Our years of experience have taught us how to set the stage for success.  Lighting, sound and proper camera technique are all crucial to creating a quality product.  Many promotional videos shown on Youtube are of very poor quality. Taking a few moments to create a clean set might make all the difference. Attention to detail separates Localbias Productions from other media companies.

Localbias Productions evolved out of a weekly talk show called “Local Bias” produced by Drew Hutchison and Jimmie Bailey.  While utilizing the same stage and equipment as other productions, Local Bias distinguished itself by employing subtle but effective camera work.

More recently, the team is working on a six part cooking series for chef Mike Collins of Colrain, a cooking competition at the Hope & Olive in Greenfield, a short film entered in the Ashfield Film Festival and a Masquerade Ball to be held at The Greenfield Grille.

Drew expects to post clips from some of these projects on this site in the future when time permits.

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